Ambedkar Award Notification

Last date to receive nominations: June 13 2015 (Saturday)
Award presentation: June 28, 2015 (Sunday) in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Selection procedure: Candiate for the award will be determined by the committee. None other than the committee has any influence on the selection.
If no (or sufficient) nominations come by the specified date, the committee will select a person (among the know personalities in India) for the Award.

Prize money:
The prize amount is Rs.50,000 and a memento.

For outstation candidate, single second class railway fare (to and fro) will be given.

Donors (so far):
Mr Sornam Sankar, US $400
Dr Sundeep Pattem, US $200
Anonymous donor $200
(If enough donations are not raised, the rest of the amount will come from FFEI funds)

Address to send nominations:

Hard copy (paper format):
B Raja Rao, Principal
APSWR School, AMC Market Yard
Chintalapudi,West Godavari Dist
Andhra Pradesh 534406

Please send your nomination (hard copy) to the address given above and a soft copy to me by email.

Soft Copy (Word or pdf format)

Anyone who used Dr Ambedkar’s philosophy to improve Indian society can be nominated. Preference will be given to Dalit youth with penchant for social change.
Nominations can be sent by anyone, including the candidate.

The following information is needed in nomination form
1. Name of the person
2. Names of both parents
3. Complete Address
4. Telephone
5. Achievements and contributions to the development of marginalized societies in India.
Please write a few paragraphs listing all achievements.
Attach newspaper cuttings (if any)
6. Why he/she is the right candidate to receive this award: write your comments on the person and his/her achievements
7. References: Please provide atleast 2 references with telephone numbers.
8. Last date to receive nominations: Please check above
9. Address to send: Please check above

Other information:
Award will be presented: Please check above.

Previous applicants can be nominated again. Previous recipients will not be considered.
Nominations without complete information will not be considered
Nominations are called from all over India
An individual can’t nominate himself or herself and should be nominated by others.
Selection will be done by a committee

a. Prof Shiva Shankar, Chennai, Vice President FFEI-India
b. Ms Asha Kowtal, Delhi, Social Activist, President, AIDMAM
c. Mr Lalith Kandhare, Maharashtra, Scholar
d. Ms Cynthia Stephen, Bengaluru, Writer and Researcher
e. Mr Jayant Pathri, Maharashtra, Social Activist

Previous awardees:
2004: Mr Manav Virdi, Punjab
2006: Kalaprapurna Dr Endluri Chinnaiah, Hyderabad and Ms Sheetal, Maharashtra, Intl Karate awardee
2007:Khabhar Lahariya, Grossroot level journalists, UP and Ms Baby Kamble, Maharashtra for her book “The Prisons We Broke”
2013: Dr Ravi Chandran, Founder, Dalit Camera
2014: Ms Manisha Devi, Haryana, All Indian Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch