FFEI major milestones


  • Started as Ambedkar Scholarships. Presented two scholarships of Rs. 5,000 in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh in the memory of Benjamin Paul Kaila’s parents Late Mr Martin Luther Neelambram and Late Mrs Vazramma.


  • More friends joined to help more kids. Gathered list of all Government schools in Andhra Pradesh and sent application forms to the Head Masters asking them to inform his/her students.
  • Introduced Ambedkar Awards.


  • Started scholarships for children from Scavenging families. Identified organizations working among them to help identify  prospective students.
  • Presented Ambedkar Award to Dr Endluri Chinnaiah, biographer of Dr Ambedkar in Telugu
  • Started Ambedkar Microloans project
  • Started Healing Hands (Help to victims of Caste Attrocites)
    • Helped a little Dlait girl raped in Uttar Pradesh
    • Helped Dalit hero Mr Bant Singh of Punjab who lost two hands and one leg in an attack for trying to get justice to her daughter raped by landlords
  • Started Helping Hands (Individual Help) to provide help to individuals in need


  • Ambedkar Awards presented to
    • Khabar Laharia, UP,  women journalists working in the villages
    • Ms Baby Kamble, Maharashtra, for her book “Prisons we Broke”
  • Healing Hands
    • Ms Chitra Lekha, Kerala, an autorikshaw driver whose autorikshaw was burned for being and Dalit and a woman


  • An umbrella organization Friends for Education International started and registered in California, United States as 501(c)(3). “Ambedkar Scholarships” became a part of “Friends for Education International”.
  • Friends for Education (India chapter) registered in Hyderabad, India
  • Healing Hands
    • Helped a Gujarati Dalit girl student who was raped by her own teachers for years


  • Awarded Ambedkar Award to Dr Ravichandran, founder of Dalit Camera